We had a great turn out at our Meet the Buyer Fashion event with Enterprise Nation, where the focus was on how to pitch to fashion retail buyers.

The room was filled with up and coming fashion brands keen to get valuable advice from our founder Alison Lewy MBE. Pitching to retail buyers can be a big challenge, and often a daunting process for many start-ups.

Here are our 5 top tips for creating a lasting impression and increase your chances of securing an order:

  1. Find the right buyer -if you are trying to set up a sales appointment make sure you reaching out to the relevant buyerResearch the name of the buyer (make a point of personalising any communications), check out company publications, social media eg LinkedIn and Twitter, and read fashion business publications which often reference buyers in their posts.
  2. Research their business – show a buyer you understand their business including  their customers, pricing architecture, locations, value proposition, future goals, as well as current industry trends. Then you can highlight where your product fits in and how stocking your brand will benefit them. (It’s not about you, it’s about them!).
  3. Create a good first impression -when presenting your collection, be confident, passionate and show enthusiasm. Create a conversation and try to engage them. How can you help them? Why your product? Don’t forget to mention any good publicity you’ve received.
  4. Know your product -be prepared  and think about what questions might be asked so you can have answers ready including any key facts and figures. Show them you understand your target market, your USP and what makes you different from the competitors. Take samples of your product and swatches of available options. Think about whether you are prepared to offer exclusivity (could be an existing product or designed specifically for them). If you can offer short delivery times, make sure you highlight this.
  5. The outcome -always close a meeting with agreed next steps. Remember, whatever the outcome, any feedback (positive or negative) is a good opportunity to learn and grow.

By Augusta Hajalie

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