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So you’ve got an amazing product, but how can you make the world love it as much as you do? Despite the rumours, fashion PR doesn’t have to cost the earth. 

So, here are 10 top tips to help get your brand out there amongst the best:-

1. Are you ready? – Take a good look at your product photography, website, social media and content. Is your brand coherent and visually pleasing? Your website must be clear and easily accessible. Make sure your graphics and social media go hand in hand with what you’re offering, consistency is key. The press will make a decision on your brand within the first few seconds so make the first impression count.

2. Do you have everything ready?  – So you’ve decided your brand is ready but do you have everything to hand that the press might want? Ensure that you have samples to send in if requested, high-res cut out images, great lifestyle /model imagery and a killer press release explaining who you are.

3. Know what your publications your customers are reading. – Just as you make products for customer, editors write and feature products for a certain audience. Be realistic when choosing the publications target. Think about your price point and aesthetic.  If you are unsure one which publication are right for you brand, The London Fashion Agency can help you with this

4. Know their stories. – Once you honed in on the publications that you want to target, go and buy a few copies before you target them. You are much more likely to get a response if you can relate a product to a feature they do weekly. For example: Top 10 Hot Handbags. Most stories and features have the editors name next to them so this should help you with Step 5.

5. Connect with editors on social media. – The best way to make editors aware of your brand is by using social media. Following them on Instagram and commenting on a few of their photos may help your chances when your press release and look book lands in their inbox. Make it natural though. Don’t just like all their photos and then send an email. PR on a budget

6. Target them at the right time.  Emailing an editor about your collection during Fashion Week, Christmas and Easter are all big no nos. Early morning is usually best with last thing on a Friday or the weekend being worst.

7. What to email. – Fashion press receives a lot of emails!! Be sure to put a catchy subject line maybe relating to a feature they regularly put together. Keep the body of your email short and to the point. Which story that they put together do you think your product would be perfect for? Or if you are contacting a stylist and a particular item of yours is on trend for the season ahead – then make a suggestion.

8. Send a follow up email without pestering. – If they didn’t respond to your first email, send them a polite follow up a few days later. Don’t pester them, if they want your product for a story they will let you know.

9. Be efficient. – If an editor or stylist does show interest in you product and wants to call in a product for a shoot or an image then be efficient. Bend over backwards to ensure that it arrives on time.

10. Stay social. – If you didn’t get a response from the magazine, don’t be disheartened. Continue to interact with the editor on social media and find the rest of the fashion team on there too. You might just see that a few weeks down the line they are working on a story that fits your product perfectly.

By Rosie Davies

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