Project Description

If you’re a fashion brand you need exposure, and a robust PR and product placement strategy needs to be in place to help you get editorial coverage and build a loyal following.

Below are some top tips from stylist Aimee Croysdill:

Forge a relationship with stylists – when your garment is used for a shoot or video, your designs will be noticed by many people in different areas of the industry.

Create a hit list – draw up a target list of stylists to connect with by checking editorial coverage credits on photoshoots. It may be difficult to connect with the very well-known but look for stylist that seem to be growing in reputation as they are likely to be more responsive.

Take a chance with new music artists – they may be up and coming but could be the next ‘big thing’ so this could be very beneficial for promoting your brand. Mulberry noticed Lana Del Ray and then they named a bestselling bag after her.

Fashion shoots are fast paced – garments may not come back in the same quality they left you, if a garment is very precious to you, only lend to editorial shoots.

Social networking is vital – all stylists have an Instagram account and are on other social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, so make sure you are following and interacting with them.

High profile events – If you know there is a big event coming up, contact the stylist in your network to see if they need anything for their clients. Let them know what you have available to borrow at that time.


Building relationships takes time and effort, but will reap rewards if you’re persistent!

By Aimee Croysdill