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Engaging with bloggers and influencers should be a major part of any fashion label’s marketing strategy as they can have huge influence.

And if you manage to catch the attention of the right ones, your brand could really take off.

But how can you make an impact, if a small business with limited budget?

To give some insight we decided to make this the topic of one of our networking talks The Bloggers Lounge last week, hosted at co-working space – and our first event in Camden. The talk was a sell out, with guests a combination of Business Club members, mentoring clients and our community of fashion entrepreneurs.

We were lucky to be joined on the panel by Vogue Ukraine contributor and PR executive Lily Bussfeld from Diamond PR, creative director & digital marketer Marion Bergin, and Naomi Mdudu, founder and editor of The Life Style Edit blog. The event was kindly sponsored by our Business Club partner, Moneypenny, a personal PA and telephone outsourcing system to make the mundane tasks you have to do, easier to deal with!

Bloggers Lounge Panel

Lilly Bussfeld, Marion Bergin & Naomi Mdudu

With such extensive experience across this field, we were privileged that the panel were happy to share tips and advice on how to effectively attract the attention of bloggers. You may assume that by sending a blogger your product, they would take a picture and tweet about it or put it on Instagram… as a matter of fact bloggers HATE this! They much prefer a more personal approach.

 Top tips from the panel…

 •Do your research first and find out what type of products that particular blogger tends to favour, and remember, there are people too! No one likes to be told what to do, if they like your product and have a high opinion of it, they’ll promote it, but inundating them with emails and tweets and just generally badgering them, will do more harm than good.

•Contextualize your product to make it relevant to what’s happening now! If the blogger can’t find any current event to connect it to, there really isn’t a story there… Give them something to bite onto to create something interesting to read, otherwise your email will just become part of a massive pile with no spark.

•Have a strategy and look at what your competitors are doing and what works for them and take inspiration from it. But remember to be original, copying will only damage your brands reputation.Bloggers Lounge Talk

•Social media can be a full time job so if you don’t have the time to manage a blog and update it regularly, then don’t bother; it will just make you look lazy and you want people visiting your website to be amazed and intrigued to find out more about you.

•Focus on the social platforms your target audience are using and on creating interesting content, rather than trying to maintain too many and not achieving anything. Be clear what your goals are, and monitor and measure whether something is working or not, so you don’t waste time.

•Check out Snapchat – it’s the new big social media platform that brands are engaging with (Burberry were one of the first!) It gives consumers a chance to see the ‘real’ person behind the brand and will form a deeper relationship that goes further than someone just browsing your website. Of course it depends whether your target customer are likely to be using it!

•Ensure your branding has strong creative direction, and that it’s mirrored across all of your communication & social media platforms. Consistency is key!

Bloggers Lounge TalkTOP TOP TIP

Create relationships with bloggers and don’t just send them  a boring bland email. They get hundreds of these every week. Ask to meet up for a coffee, research what they’ve been up to and ask THEM questions about their life – they’ll respect you and be more willing to invest their time in your brand if you take the time to do the same.

The event was a huge success with the panel answering a lot of interesting questions posed by the audience, and they all stayed on to talk with our guests well in to the evening, even though Naomi was travelling to New York the next morning.

The feedback was amazing  including “Thank you for another great Fashion Angel event. As always, we’ve come away a lot wiser and more clued up about what we can do to help progress Attollo and work smarter!” Alice & Fleurette, Atollo Lingerie

Bloggers Lounge Panel

Marion Bergin, Naomi Mdudu, AlisonLewy & Lilly Bussfeld

Massive thanks to Camden for hosting the event and of course to Moneypenny who also offer Business Club members a 2 -week free trial and 10 additional calls. Find out about our Business Club benefits including FREE* access to our networking talks here.

By Meg Plenderleith

*for Ready to Wear and Couture Members only.