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Instagram, a mobile photo sharing app and social network,  is the perfect platform for fashion businesses looking to grow their business and increase brand awareness.

Social media marketing on instagram has become an integral way of creating a successful online community.

Are you looking to grow your fashion business on instagram? Then follow these tips  to become an instagram guru:

1. Frequency and Consistency is Key!
Posting content consistently allows targeted followers to expect new content from you regularly. A consistent schedule can help increase engagement without including long periods of time without posts and updates. An effective instagram strategy should also include a clear time frame of targeted post frequency to help you manage your social media platforms.

2. Hashtags, the Holy Grail of Instagram!
Hashtags are often categorised as the ‘holy grail’ of instagram. Using hashtags can help create brand recognition/identification and can target new audiences. Hashtags is also an effective tool for expanding your reach through allowing instagrammers to find new content and accounts to follow. Make sure your using popular hashtags which people search for, although specific hashtags can be used occasionally to maximise brand identification.

3. Timing Is Essential!Instagram Social Media Emoticon
Timing is essential! Sometimes the greatest content is ignored due to simple bad timing. Posting at prime times can boost your engagement, make sure to carefully schedule posts at times which you will gain insta appreciation.

Prime time is often considered at 5pm where individuals have finished work and school and are on their instagrams whilst travelling home. Between 8:00am to 9:30 am is also considered an effective time to post content as people are commuting to work and will have time to go on their instagrams. Posting off work hours will help your content reach its maximum, for example between 11:00am to 1pm when people are likely to take their lunch breaks or from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in the evening when people have more time are useful times to post content. Using curated content combined with accurate timing can ensure your brand’s business tone and acumen is consistently heard by followers.

4. Content That Stands Out From the Rest!
Post images/videos which will stop instagrammers in their tracks through using content which stands out and catches the attention of your audience. Business/brand awareness expands the longer followers spend time looking at your content as this can increase the likeliness of engagement on your content.

5. Video Content Is The Way Forward!
Using video content has become an integral part of ensuring successful content and social media marketing. Video content allows you to channel your business acumen and tone through structured narratives which will reach out to targeted and new audiences. Including video content is an alternative and creative way of voicing your brand identity.

Video marketing also allows existing customers and potential customers a ‘behind instagram tipsthe scenes’ look at your business/brand. This is where instagram stories can be used to give a teaser and taster of how you make your products, new and upcoming products or even a backstage look at a company event/exhibition. Instagram stories and videos are an effective way to allow followers to feel more connected to your business/brand on a significant basis.

By Sadiyah Ismailjee

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